About me


I am a holistic psychotherapist and an energy healer residing in San Francisco Bay Area.  I was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and have lived in the bay area since 2001. Since I was a young child, I had an interest in healing and therapy. And growing up, having taken care of a family member who suffered from mental illness, I dedicated years of my life in learning, studying, and experiencing counseling, psychotherapy, and spiritual healing modalities.

My work is stemming from the love in supporting others in their healing journey and life transitions. I believe that no matter where you are at in life, or what you’ve been through, healing and transformation is possible. Sometimes, it takes tremendous courage in facing the most difficult, painful part of ourselves, to feel the difficult feelings, in order to facilitate healing and change.

I have been practicing as a mental health counselor since 2008, and as a psychotherapist since 2013 –  serving a diverse population in San Francisco Bay Area. 


My education

M.A in Depth Psychology with focus in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology – Pacifica Graduate Institute 2017

M.A in Counseling Psychology – Integral Counseling Psychology  – California Institute of Integral Studies 2014

B.A in Psychology, with minor in Human Development – University of California, Davis – 2007


I am also a writer and a published author. I love to read and my childhood dream was to become an author. Writing brings me joy and satisfaction, and I love that I can integrate my knowledge and experiences as a therapist in creating stories that help others heal and feel less alone.  Here’s a children’s book that I recently published. 

My publication 

The Trees Are My Friends – published in June 2021

the trees are my friends kindle cover

The Trees Are My Friends is a story about Violet, a first grader’s journey through life. The story talks about Violet finding comfort in her connection with trees and nature during a stressful period at home, and describes how the positive shifts in relationships and family dynamics helped Violet in feeling better, which foster her growth and development.

This book is written for children, but it is also helpful for parents or caregivers to read and understand how family relationships impact children. The story shows that through working on relationships between family members, we are able to provide children a nurturing environment for optimal development.


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