Ever since I was a child, I’ve  felt an immense connection with spirits and natures. The unseen world had always been very important to me. Oftentimes, others do not understand and considered these psychic experiences merely strange, random occurrances. 

Over the years, I have traveled the winding road for my own growth and healing, and re-discovered my natural connections to spirit and the elements, again. Although I am a licensed therapist and work in this capacity, this is not a psychotherapy offering but an offering of energy healing. 

My crystal energy healing is beneficial to those who might be feeling stuck in life, weigh down by heavy emotions, wanting to find their connections to spirits and nature, or needing a moment to reset and renew.  Clients often feel a shift in their energy field and an increased connection to their own soul and angels after the session. As this is about clearing and re-aligning your energy channels – so that you can reconnect with soul, where all lives flow. This is an offering from my heart, as I feel moved to do what I can in order to help others heal. 

You might be able to tell that I love my work, whether it is my energy healing practice, or my psychotherapy work. And when I am not working, I enjoy reading, writing, wandering in nature, practicing my not-so-perfect ukulele skills, and playing with my cat Pisces. 


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