I am dedicated in helping others in the process of healing and living up to their potential. My work is stemming from a lifelong journey in learning the impact of trauma and studying different modalities of healing and psychotherapy. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with life at this moment and looking for support in figuring out what to do. It is often a vulnerable process to begin therapy with someone, but I encourage you, to seek support and find a therapist/healer that resonate with you.

I work with adult individuals, children, and families/couples in my practice. Here are some of the issues that I specialize in and my approach.

Individual psychotherapy (adult)

  • depression, anxiety, grief, life transition, trauma, relationship struggles, spirituality and spiritual growth
  • my approach : relational psychodynamic, holistic, art therapy, sandtray therapy

Psychotherapy for children

highly sensitive children, children with special needs, trauma and ptsd,  adopted children, anxiety and depression, behavioral issues

my approach: play therapy, art therapy, sandtray therapy with children & regular collaborative meetings with parents/caregivers

I work with both your child and you (the parents/caregiver) in treating the child, provide ongoing consultation in ways/strategies in supporting the child. My approach is holistic and tailor to the needs of each child and the family. Together, we will discuss the treatment modality and decide the best possible way of treating your child.




 I offer a free initial phone consultation. Feel free to contact me at 415 662 0108 or email at healingwithchristy@gmail.com










“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell


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