Therapy can help you. I believe in the innate potential for human beings to thrive, not merely survive. However, due to various circumstances such as illness, life stressors, traumatic experiences, and other relationship difficulties, we often experience set backs which undermines our satisfaction in life.

These set backs might be showing up as symptoms such as depression, in which it is hard to get up in the morning, get motivated for the day, and generally feeling a lack of energy.  These can also manifest as obstacles towards the fulfilling relationship, the rewarding career, or the desire to feel more peace in day to day lives.

Therapy can help in unraveling the complex webs of lives that appear to bind us. I believe that we all deserve to be free and thriving. And sometimes, we need the support of another person- a therapist in this process of healing, change, and growth.

I work with adult individuals who experience various kinds of set backs which undermines their ability to thrive. I work with people who is wanting more freedom, satisfaction, and an improved quality of life. I believe that regardless of what you have experienced, and even if you had been depressed for a long period of time, healing and change is possible.

I also work with children and teens in my practice. As I am passionate in helping them achieving their potential in this period of growth. I believe every children and teens is special and have the innate ability to thrive, with the right physical, spiritual, and relational support. I work collaboratively with the parents/caregivers, and sometimes school personnel to help support the children and teens’ growth and development.










“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell


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